Item No 8 is number 18 in my limited edition of 25 Pattern Welded "Neo-Viking" swords. This is a beautiful sword. The blade is 30 1/4" in length and a full 2" wide. welded from a mix of 1060, L-6 and meteorite the blade has a full length fuller on each side. This blade is done in a "Ladder Pattern" that has to be seen in person to really appreciate the beauty of it. The fittings are file worked phosphor bronze.


As you can see the pattern on this sword shows a great deal of contrast and chatoyancy . It is almost hypnotizing and quite eye catching. These phoitos do not show all the depth and beauty of this blade.

The one piece "Fossil Bovine Ivory" grip shows  a great deal of colour variation and is set with phosphor bronze studs in a diaper pattern

With an overall length of 37 3/4" this is a large sword and quite impressive.  Again, this sword is drop dead gorgeous and the photos do not do this one justice at all.  Black leather sheath.

Priced at $2975.00