Item No. 07 is a very NICE Pattern welded Stiletto in my "Barbershop" pattern. The double edged blade is welded from 1095 and L-6 steels and is 9" long and 7/8" wide. The one piece "Bovine Ivory" grip is finished in reds and browns..very nice with a  great effect.

The bolster, pommel plate and studs are phosphor bronze. This is a wicked blade and quite eye catching. Overall length is 14 1/4". NO sheath..this is one of my last Nevada blades and I simply did not have the time to get it done before we moved..

Priced at $925.00

Memorial Day/Studio Sale price: $680.00  or best offer

NEW SALE PRICE: $580.00 or best offer

ROCK BOTTOM price $525.00 or best offer