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Item No. 16 is a very NICE pattern welded "Gentleman's Knife" with a single edged ?Maiden's Hair" pattern blade welded from 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron. The blade is 6 5/8" in length. Fittings are phosphor bronze.

As you can see the pattern is vibrant and bold! This is an excellent example of the "Maiden's Hair" twist.

The one piece blackened "Bovine Ivory" grip is set with phosphor bronze studs in a "diaper" pattern. This knife feel great in the hand...

The bolster and pommel plates are both file worked. With an overall length of 11 1/2" this knife would be a "at home" on the belt of any 19th Cent. Gentleman.

Black leather sheath.

Priced at $650.00



Item No. 16 is a very nice Pattern welded dirk in a "Maiden's Hair" twist pattern. The hand forged blade is 10 1/4" long and welded from a mix of 1095, L-6 and a small amount of meteorite. The fittings are phosphor bronze and the blade has a single, half blade length fuller on each side.

The pattern is superb!! Gorgeous contrast. This is a beautiful knife!

The grip is one piece  of my "Bovine Ivory" in a red finish and is set with bronze studs in a diaper pattern. The bolster and pommel plates are filed worked.

With an overall length of  15 3/8" this is a very. very nice knife. Black leather sheath.

Priced at: $975.00


Item No. 17A and 17B are a matched p;air of pattern welded daggers. These were a special order that was canceled so here they are:

Both blades are forged from hand refined meteoric iron and 1095 tool steel  so they are approximately 1/3 meteorite! Welded in my "peppermint" pattern the blades are 9 1/4" long. These both have great feel in the hand..and they MATCH!!

No 17A:

No 17B:

They both have hand forged phosphor bronze guards and pommels and have book matched coco-bolo grips. These are as close to being identical as I can get from the steel pattern to the matched wood. Overall length: 14 1/4". This is a GORGEOUS brace of daggers. Black sheaths\

Priced at $1600.00 for the pair.. $900.00 for one.





Item No. 18 is one of my "Old Style" Lady's daggers from around 1980 or so. This one was taken in on a trade and packed away  and pretty much forgotten..until I recently re-discovered it while I was unpacking the last few boxes from our recent move. This little dagger is has a hand forged 1095 blade that is 5": in length and 1" wide. Phosphor bronze guard and pommel with a pistachio wood grip.

With an overall length of 9 7/8" this is a very stout little dagger as well as being close to an "antique".. Hand stitched brown leather sheath.

Priced at 1980's prices $125.00

These knives are forged from "HC" grade RR spikes and are PROPERLY heat treated to get a decent cutting edge. No two are exactly alike..they are shaped the way they come off of the anvil.  I admit that I make these a bit differently than most other makers out there. I forge these to NOT feel "dead in the hand" or to be "butt heavy" and cumbersome. These are fully hand forged and distally tapered and PROPERLY heat treated. (For more information on how these are made..please go to my article pages..I have a article explaining how I forge these out. )  These are very tough knives indeed as well as being unique! 

PLEASE: Be aware that these little guys are EXTREMELY SHARP !! These knives WANT to cut!!

<<PLEASE NOTE: The blades below do NOT come with a sheath..)

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We are currently sold out of these however I am making another run and these will be finished shortly.