I just added another 10 pieces to my In Stock pages...some really NICE pattern welded dags and daggers along with two of my Limited Edition Dark Age/Migrationary European swords. These swords are simply beautiful. Please take a look and see.. Remember I am having my "Jim Needs a Studio" sale and prices have been discounted...however I will consider a fair and honest offer on any piece listed. I need to move some cutlery to get enough funds to build a new studio in Florida so if anything strikes your...now is the time folks..I'd be grateful indeed. Which brings us to the update!

We will be closing if all goes as planned between the 1st and the 5th of next month. I will be closing down operations here in Nevada on the 8th of Dec. and moving shortly there after. As soon as we get settled and all down south I will be updating my address and phone number. I WILL be able to get e-mail as that doesn't change but if we are in transit a reply may be delayed a bit. I will be posting updates between now and then.

What is coming next: I will be posted the last few Japanese style blades that I made for book IV. These are prototype pieces and all aver DEATHLY SHARP and simply gorgeous. These should be up in the next few days...

Speaking of books... I have a new Publisher for them and they will be still in print!! The new Publisher is Redd Ink and they will start printing all three on Jan 01, 2018. They can be reached on line at


So no need to worry about my books going out of print anytime soon. In fact we are discussing book IV!!

In closing..Please take a look at my In Stock Pages and if you have any questions by all means..feel free to ask.

THANK YOU for your time...