An up-date....

The benches are more or less in and ready..have a bit more staining and sealing to do..then it is shelves and tool racks..

I will be doing as much as I can these next few days to get ready for the equipment..

As far as the equipment... I am going this week to  retrieve it from our old place in Nevada. It will be a Banzai!! Run.. Flying out and driving it back. I am NOT looking forward to the trip but I AM looking forward to getting back to work. This idle time has taken a major toll on my psyche . It will be great to get back out there!

I leave Wednesday , June 12th and I will hopefully be back here by the 20th. I hope it is a boring trip. One does not want excitement on a trip like this...

Which brings us to the sale. I am going to extend this sale until I return...  This will be in effect until Jun 25th... I am also further reducing prices due to the fact that I will need some additional lucre to help fund the move and set up time...so take a look at the new prices.. I would like to completely sell out as this way I can start totally "fresh and new" here in Nevada...

Now I will be on the road for most of the remaining time of the sale..I will be able to read my e-mail but it may take me a wee bit to get back to you as we will be driving but I will check my mail as often as I can.. Now in the event that there are two or more folks interested in a given piece I will have to go with the first one who wrote in. If that falls through hen the second one..etc.. This is he best way to do this that I can see... So..

On the funding front. My go fund me page has stalled. So if you all could be so kind as to spread the page around..It would be a great help as the more folks that know the better chances are that we reach the goal so I can get everything settled.. here it is:


All in all..things are plugging along as the funds come in..I would like to sell a few more pieces just as a buffer so I can concentrate on getting back up and running..So if any of the remaining pieces strike your fancy..by all means call..I will even entertain legit offers..

So..Until next time..

THANK YOU for your interest and support..