First an update...We are sorry if we have been "out of the loop" for the last little but..but some rather unsavory events have occurred in the last 10 to 14 days that included a nasty rear end accident that resulted in our vehicle being totaled and a few other nasties.. No one was injured in this accident and for that we are grateful, however that pretty much ate up all my ready cash that I was laying away for a new bench mill... Funny how the Powers That Be know how much filthy lucre you have stashed away..and then They pull the "GOTCHA!!" and it all goes away... Which brings us to the Special Sale..

I have drastically reduced the prices on both of he pattern welded swords for a quick sale to allow me enough funds to get that bench mill to replace the one that was stolen last year from my storage in Henderson, NV while we were moving everything down here to out new facility. Please take a look and if you would like to aquire one, by all means contact us..

To those awaiting items.. Due to the unforseen events..these will be shipped asap..expect e-mail verification shortly once I get tracking information from FedEx Ground. I am truly sorry for this delay but this really put a wrench in the gears over here but as I said above..no one was injured but still..this really put the hurt on us..

On a happier note..I am in the middle of my first "Florida Made" run of high carbon steel swords. The first pieces will be posted shortly.

In closing I wish to tank you all for your support and interest..