First off...if any of you tried to contact me this last week and couldn't get a hold of us...or if I didn't reply to your e-mail..I am sorry but I was laid low for a few days (close to a week) thanks to a reminder of my mis-spent  youth..I had a malaria flair that pretty much laid me down and took me out if it for the duration. NO FUN..Sue was a bit concerned, but I am a tough Old Bastard so it was just a set back on production time...  Now...I am feeling much better and I am getting back into things.. With that being said..

This delay has put a bit of a squeeze on the purse strings..a week off hurts when you are self employed so...What better time to HAVE A SALE!!??!!

SO..from Midnight EST on Tues, August 6,  2019 until Midnight EST, Sunday, August 18, 2019 I am having my "Jim Had a Malaria Flare" Sale.. Here is the chance to get some NICE pieces at a good price..and , as always..if you would like additional photos..just let us know...I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .. Now if you wish to acquire two or more pieces during this sale..please contact us and we can give you a combined price... So take a look and see..we have some NICE pieces for you to view..

Other news..I am back to work on the war hammers and high carbon blades..these will be posted as they are finished...so please check back and see what is new..With that being said...

THANK YOU for your continued interest in Salamander Armoury..,