We have landed in Florida and we are pulling permits this week for the new studio. We are more or less unpacked with some smaller stuff still needing to be done but everyone made the trip down and we all are doing fine.

UPDATE: I am trying to get to my stock as I have a half dozen high carbon steel swords to post along with a BEAUTIFUL Ladder patterned Bastardsword along with a couple of my book IV  Japanese blade Protoypes that need to be posted as well...Hopefully once we get the cameras all charged up and a few small things dealt with the next couple of days I will be be able to get the photos taken and the items listed.. As it is ALL items already posted are in stock and ready to go.

Our new address is:

Salamander Armoury 

4142 Mariner Blvd # 148

Spring Hill, FL 34609


So please take a look and see if anything speaks to you...I am still a bit short on the studio funds..need another $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 finish the build. The building itself is paid in full..now it is slab and electric time...So I will be posting he new items ASAP..once I get the photos taken.

Thank you all for you interest in us here at Salamander Armoury.