First an update...we are just about complete on the new studio facilities.. The building is up..water and power are in and they both work..We just poured the front apron/walkway and the isolation pads for my heavy machines..

What is left is erecting the two out buildings for material storage as well as insulate the studio walls,  put in the shelves/tool racks and build the work benches.. which leads me to this...

Here are some "work in progress" photos...

Here is the "Trench From HELL"....what should of taken 45 minutes or so to dig took close to 3 hours thanks to all these roots.. 

The start of the electric work..lights.. 110/120 and 220/240 circuits started

The isolation pad..I still need to dig down about 3 feet and throw in some rebar and then pour the separate pad...This prevents the whole building from shaking from the power hammer impacts...

Here is the outside of our new studio. I still had to pour the apron and walkway..which I did this weekend.... However...

I am about 2500 $$ US short due to cost over runs..It was much worse than that but I started a go fund me page last month and it showed me how many folks I have touched with my writing and work.. The comments were very humbling and I simply had no idea that I had such an impact.. I will be forever grateful to those generous folks...THANK YOU!! 

Here is the page...please if you can spread the page around to folks you know...I would appreciate it greatly!!


We are so close to being able to finish but I am running out of funds...which brings me to the SALE!!


I know I only have a handfull of pieces left for sale..but they are some very NICE pieces..So in honour of Memorial Day as well as my running out of funding..I am holding a sale.. Sale prices are in effect from Midnight, Saturday, May 26 2018 until Midnight on  Friday, June 1 2018. Now these prices are a bit flexible and just to make things interesting...I will also entertain best offers... So please take a look at what is left and if you are interested..let me know..  I am in a bit of a bind here. If I can get over this bump I can be back up and running in about 4 weeks...once I get my equipment from Nevada.  So..please take a look...

As always..if you have any questions or would like to additional photos of any of the pieces, please, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your interest in us here at Salamander Armoury..it is GREATLy appreciated..