An update and a great one at that!!  WE ARE BACK UP AND RUNNING...Although it took us about twice as long as we anticipated due to various things that popped up outside of our control we are FINALLY back up and running.

All of our equipment is in and working..we have everything under control and I am trying to replace the stolen materials and tooling that was taken from the storage in Nevada as best as I can but we are operational and I am finally back to swinging a hammer. Now what does this mean?

This means that I will be posting new items, more pattern welded blades both large and small and everything in between. More of everything else simply due to the fact that I need everything else like high carbon knives, swords, daggers as well as war hammers and welded cable items as well... I am also back to filling the last several orders that were taken before we left Nevada and these are back in the queue to go!!

Also I have another Japanese sword prototype that I did for book IV that I will list this evening..I will put a post up when it is all set. It is a gorgeous Chisa Katana..a Gen III sword..

All in all it has been one Hell of a ride and with the help and support of those generous folks we MADE IT!!  THANK YOU all for your support and concern.. I appreciate that greatly and I will never, ever forget it!..

THANK YOU all once again!