Item No 03 is a gorgeous Ladder Pattern Dagger . The 14" long double edged blade is welded from a mix  of 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron.  The fittings are file worked phosphor bronze and has one my (in) famous "bovine ivory" grips...



As you can see the pattern is very bright and vibrant..Gorgeous contrast. Pattern shows a sinewy pattern of undulations the entire blade length,


The one piece "bovine ivory" grip shows great colour with a mix of creamy white. golden brown and deep red..Quite eye catching. It is set with phosphor bronze studs which really sets off the colouration!!

This is a beautiful dagger with an overall length of  19 1/2". This is an elegant weapon .. comes with a black leather sheath.

Priced at $1000.00

Sue's Sale price: $675.00