Hello All!!


It has been a while since we done an update and well, there has been some goings on with us and we have finally gotten a handle on it more or less.  First off let us address a rumor that has been going around..

Jim has NOT passed on. We have received quite a few calls as well as e-mails asking if he is still alive. How this started we have no idea, but sorry folks..he is still with us...Granted he has been fighting a few health problems, namely a couple of nasty infections as well as a rather nasty lung problem (thanks to him being gassed in the 198''s when he was working for the DEA) that keeps re-occurring every now and the. But he is still alive and hopefully be able to return to work here full time shortly.

While he has been on the down side , he has been working long and heavy on book IV. He is covering subjects and materials that no one else has covered in the world of bladesmithing. This one looks like it is going to be another great book from Jim..

Blades!  we have the last few Japanese blades that we have done for book IV that will be posted in the next few days. These are IT!! NO more will be made unless they are needed to illustrate a point in book IV so this is your last chance to get one from Jim. We wil post when they are up and available here once the photos are taken.

Once again, thank you all for the continued support and interest , It IS greatly appreciated!