I know is has been a while since I have placed anything new on this site. Thanks to some physical problems I had that cropped up from my previous life I have not been able to get much done but I am getting close to being able to get back at it once I get the A-OK from the Dr. as far as what we are looking at next. With that being said..I will be posting a few pieces here and there and I will also post notices here when they are posted and available.

Merry Christmas to my Christian friends and everyone else too!  We here hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years..which brings us to this...

On the 4 remaining pieces I have in stock. I am reducing the prices dramatically and these will be in effect from now until Jan. 31st 2023.  Any additional pieces I finish during this time period will also be priced with the sale prices.. So here is a chance to get something nice for yourself or someone else... So take a look and see what is new and what is available.

In closing thank you all for your support and patience. We appreciate it and to all...here's to a better 2023!

Thank you!