Just posted several new items on my In Stock Pages. Three very NICE pattern welded daggers with Royal Ebony grips. These are all done and ready to go.

What is coming, some really spiffy pattern welded daggers in a new (well to me anyway) grip material..recycled from a old bowling ball!  Below is a "sneak peek" at one of the grips..I can get two grip sized pieces out of each ball and the supply is limited but I think that it is a very interesting (and different) material for a knife/dagger grip

Which brings up to the SALE!! I will be very open on this..Our little escapade with my youngest daughter cost us a tidy bit of $$ ...SO....

Starting at Midnight, (Las Vegas time) on Friday, July 28th 2017 and up until Midnight on August 7th  2017 I will be hold a sale. I will be adding new pieces during this sale. Sale prices will very enticing so take a look.

In closing..THANK YOU for your interest in us.. It is greatly appreciated.