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The following items are now available for immediate sale. They are, however, subject to prior sale so please contact us directly if you would like to acquire a piece. I can be reached at the following e-mail address at:

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This address is protected from Spambots...and your e-mail may not make it through if my security system thinks your e-mail looks a little  dodgy if I do not reply in 24 to 36 hours to your can call me via land line at 727-857-7784, the best times to call are weekday afternoons between 1 PM and 5:30 PM Eastern time


If you would like, additional photos are available upon request, of any piece listed below, if you wish close ups or any other section or overall pictures, please by all means ask. I will try my best to get as many photos as you'd like. Just let me know. I have a new camera, a Sony H20 that takes excellent pictures that I can easily e-mail.

PLEASE feel free to contact me for better photos if you are interested. I can be reached via telephone at 727-857-7784 afternoons are best.

The following pieces are all hand forged and hand crafted from only the finest materials and we are constantly looking for new and interesting materials to use. Inventory will change on a regular basis as pieces are sold and new ones are finished, so please check back.

Methods of payment we accept are "Bank Cheques/drafts", Cashier's Cheques, Money Orders, VISA/Mastercard and Google Pay. PayPal is no longer an option due to the fact that I manufacture and sell "Dangerous and illegal weapons" which violates PayPal policies..and so..we no longer accept PayPal as a payment option.  So, please contact us for payment procedures. I try to be as easy as possible on this..

We are also interested in possible trades for pre-WWII Smith and Wesson and Colt revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, Walther, Mauser and Luger pistols as well as legally registered select fire weapons will also be considered. Other collector firearms may also be considered in trade, as we are FFL holders and have been for over 45 years

We ship via FedEx Ground as our standard method, so a street address (no P.O. Boxes) is required where someone will be present to sign for the package. International orders are shipped via USPS and all customs fees  and import duties are the purchaser's responsibility.

It is also the purchaser's responsibility to follow all laws pertaining to the purchase, use and possession of any of our products. These items are not intended for sale where prohibited by law.

A word on the Japanese style blades.. I am pretty much done with the research for my 4th book, the working title: "The Hand Crafted Blade: Tools and Techniques for Craftsmen". Once I finish up the few pieces I have left I will no longer be making any Japanese inspired blades. So if you see one you like, you best get it. There will be 125 pieces total. This is not many at all when you consider I have made thousands of blades over the years. Once these are done, they are done.. No more will be made...

The Japanese blades will be marked "Hage Bokatsu", along with my chop on one side on the tang and then signed with my signature on the other.

We have also added two new sections, the "Weird and Wonderful", these are items that usually do not fit into what I usually make, and my "What the Hell was I Thinking" section where all the other even weirder stuff will be... so be sure to take a look. 

So with all this now done...


So...what we currently have in stock is:



These knives are forged from "HC" grade RR spikes and are PROPERLY heat treated to get a decent cutting edge. No two are exactly alike..they are shaped the way they come off of the anvil.  I admit that I make these a bit differently than most other makers out there. I forge these to NOT feel "dead in the hand" or to be "butt heavy" and cumbersome. These are fully hand forged and distally tapered and PROPERLY heat treated. (For more information on how these are made..please go to my article pages..I have a article explaining how I forge these out. )  These are very tough knives indeed as well as being unique! 

PLEASE: Be aware that these little guys are EXTREMELY SHARP !! These knives WANT to cut!!

<<PLEASE NOTE: The blades below do NOT come with a sheath..)

The blades we have in stock currently are:



Blades are hand forged from HC marked RR spikes. This material is vey similar to 1045 which has a minimal amount of carbon just barely enough t harden somewhat, however we have develouped a thermal treatment that allows us to get a decent edge on these. 

No 1: SOLD!!

No 2: $65.00 In Stock

No 3: $65.00 In Stock

No 4: $65.00 In Stock




These throwing axes are hand forged from soft iron/mild steel for the eye/poll with a medium carbon steel (either 1060/70 or 5160..) edge inserts. All are slow browned and ready to go.

We use the "standard tomahawk" handle that is available from most re-enactment suppliers. However due to the hand forging some minor fitting of the handle may be required but this only takes a few minutes. All handles are hand rubbed with  an oil finish and are very comfortable in the hand. I sell a whole lot of these and they just "work like they are supposed to".. These are simply just great axes...


TA-1: Throwing Axe: 4" cutting edge... flamed hardwood haft... Priced at $175.00

TA-2: Throwing Axe: 4" cutting edge... flamed hardwood haft... Priced at $175.00

TA-3: Belt Axe:  4" cutting edge..flamed hardwood haft... Priced at $175.00

TA-4: Belt Axe: 4" cutting edge.. flamed hardwood haft... Priced at $175.00

TA-5: Belt Axe: 4" cutting edge.. flamed hardwood haft... Priced at $175.00


TA-6: "Danish" Pattern Axe with Hammer Poll..  4 1/2" cutting edge w/hammer..flamed hardwood haft..... Priced at $175.00


TA-8: "Danish" Pattern Axe with Hammer Poll.. 4 1/2" cutting edge w/hammer.. flamed hardwood haft.. Priced at $175.00





TA-11: Throwing Axe w/heart piercing... 4" cutting edge...flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $190.00


TA-13: Throwing Axe w/heart piercing... 4" cutting edge... flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $190.00

TA-14: Throwing Axe w/heart piercing... 4" cutting edge... flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $190.00

TA-15: Throwing Axe w/sunburst piercing... 4" cutting edge...flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $190.00

TA-16: Throwing Axe w/sunburst piercing... 4" cutting edge... flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $190.00


TA-17: Throwing Axe w/sunburst piercing... 4" cutting edge... flamed hardwood haft... Priced at $190.00 


TA-19: French ("Francisca") Pattern Throwing Axe.. 4 1/2" cutting edge...flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $175.00

TA-20: French ("Francisca") Pattern Throwing Axe.. 4 1/2" cutting edge...flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $175.00

TA-21: French ("Francisca") Pattern Throwing Axe.. 4 1/2" cutting edge...flamed hardwood haft...Priced at $175.00




 Spears!!  Here are what we have in stock and ready to go. The blades are either 1060 or 5160 with a iron/mild steel socket. These are set up for a 1 1/4" diameter round shafting. The socket IS drilled for a set screw.. All are slow browned to a tawny and durable finish. These are  NICE ONES!!!  and ready to go hunting or off to WAR!!  All are ready to GO!!


SP-1: Leaf Blade... blade length 9"...OAL 16".. Priced at  $175.00

SP-2: Leaf Blade... blade length 9"... OAL 16".. Priced at $175.00

SP-3: Leaf Blade... blade length 9"... OAL 16".. Priced at $175.00

Sp-4: SOLD

SP-5: Straight Blade... blade length 9"... OAL 16" .. Priced at $175.00

SP-6: Straight Blade... blade length 9"... OAL 16"..  Priced at $175.00


SP-7: Straight Blade... blade length 9".. OAL 16".. Priced at $175.00


SP-9: Straight Blade... blade length 9".. OAL 16".. Priced at $175.00

SP-10: Straight Blade.. blade length 9".. OAL 16".. Priced at $175.00




NOTE: I am at the end of my series. I have 2 numbers left to fill and to be honest I am in no hurry to fill them due to "burn out" on doing so many. They will be filled but I will work on them every so often. So keep a look out and see..Once these are gone that is it for the series.

These swords are hand forged using only the finest steel and iron. all are hand made. The Samegawa is imported so are the other materials I use like the Tsuka-Ito, Kashirae and other parts . These are gorgeous swords. They are EXTREMELY SHARP and proper care must be taken when handling these blades.


 NOTE:  There are no numbers remaining. However, I am currently finishing up several more prototype/example pieces for book IV. I will be posting these as they are available.. I will be posting an update on my main page when they are near completion and again once they are complete and listed. So please check back often.. THANK YOU  ~~~JPH~~~

Please Note: I say again: The numbered series is now completed and there are no more pieces available in this series.; However, I still have a few book IV pieces that I am making for the Japanese Blade sections of that book. These will be available for sale as they are finished and photographed and they will be signed as book IV pieces on the nakago. 

These pieces will include Katana, Chisa Katana, Wakizashi,  Tanto and a few Naginata  ( the nagi's will be available as blades only!) so please check back to see what was added. THANK YOU ALL for the support of this  series. I greatly appreciate it!!

Items in Stock: 

 These are amongst the LAST of the Japanese blades that I will be making. There will be NO MORE after these unless I need  a piece for book IV. I have pretty much completed that section in my 4th book so...I do have to make a few smaller blades ..wakizashi mostly for illustration purposes for book IV and when those are done they will be posted here for sale.




Item Number JS-03: Shinogi Zukuri Katana:

Item No JS-03 is a Shinogi-Zukuri Katana, with a Kobuse blade  that is  27 1/4" in length. Blade is forged from 1070 steel with a mild steel core. This is a very NICE sword...



 As you can see the Hamon is quite active and very vibrant. This is my "Double Cross" Hamon. Not the easiest to do but it is a real eye catcher. The amount of activity in this Hamon has to be seen first hand to truly be appreciated! Gorgeous..simply gorgeous!


 The fittings are bronze in a Phoenix motif with gold and silver leaf details. The tsuka is wood, covered in red same-gawa and wrapped in red/black chevron pattern silk Ito. It is secured with two (2) mekugi and is 10 5/8" in length.


 This swords handles wonderfully well..has a great "solid" feel in the hand. Very responsive in the hand. This sword is exceedingly SHARP!  Please handle with care!



 The siya is wood, done in my "Black Cherry" finish of red under black cracked lacquer. Visually striking and dramatic!


With an overall length of 39 1/4" this one is ready to go!

Priced at $2750.00



Item Number JS-04:  Shinogi-Zukuri Katana:

Item Number JS-04 is a giorgeous Katana in Shinogi-Zukuri. It is hand forged from 1070 with a mild steel core. EXTREMELY SHARP! . The blade is 28" in length and has one full length Bo-Hi on each side.

This sword has a very "solid" feel in the hand and is highly responsive. It is a beautifully executed blade.


 The Hamon is my "Three Brothers" hamon. showing a great deal of activity. This one came out with a lot of "frost" along the shibuchi line. GORGEOUS blade.


 The mounts are in a dragonfly motif in bronze. The tsuka is 10 1/2' in klength, and is secured with two (2) mekugi. It is covered in tiger ray rayskin that I left ion its natural state. VERY attractive and quite difficult to obtain. It is wrapped in dark green silk ito.

 The wooden siya is dark green under black cracked lac. It is sealed with six (6) coats of hard clear lacquer.  Very eye catching and although a bit "subdued" it is a very elegant weapon!


With an overall length of 39 3/8" this gorgeous sword is set to go!

 Priced at: $2750.00












After many, many years of requests from people of various faiths  we have decided to "go public" with the fact that we have been making hand forged ritual blades for over 40 years. These are the same high quality as all the other blades we make, these are just made a bit differently in accordance to either Lunar or Solar cycles  as requested by various faiths.  

We understand the differences between the different paths, traditions and sects..all due to the fact that Jim is  Mazdayasna (aka Zarathushtran..aka Zoroastrian) clergy, a follower of the teachings of the prophet Zarathushtra also known as Zoroaster in the modern world... 


In Stock Pieces: 

These pieces are what we currently have in stock ready for immediate sale: Prices are given upon request as these are priced differently from our other blades, as most that follow these faiths will   understand


Currently working on several pieces that will ab available for immediate sale.