There has been a quite  a lot of interest in getting Jim to conduct classes in  beginning, intermediate and advanced bladesmithing techniques, as well as the various forge welded techniques, so in answer to these requests Jim has decided to offer classes for both local and out of area individuals.

Basic requirements for ALL classes:

1: Adequate eye/face protection. In other words..bring your own eye safety glasses/ goggles/face shields. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2: Cotton or wool (in colder seasons..still cotton is best due tio the heat generated in forging) clothes. Natural materials do not melt and stick to your skin...NO Polyester, NO Nylon, NO Rayon or anything else other than something that grew from a plant or was sheared off of an animal.

3: Leather apron and gloves..this is pretty much self explanatory

4: Closed toe shoes/boots/footwear, preferably boots..Steel toe safety footwear is ENCOURAGED. This is NOT a "Beach Party" so NO sandals, open toes or anything else like that

5: Some sort of head band/sweat band/head covering. You WILL be sweating..A LOT so in order to keep it out of your eyes..some sort of absorbent material is required..

6: Anything else I say is a requirement, as this will depend upon the needs and requirements of any particular class/course of instruction.

The classes that are available will be as follows...

1: Beginning Bladesmithing: This class will cover basic carbon steels, forging, grinding, heat treating as well as grip materials and construction. The student should be able to start and finish one knife by the end of this class. Open to one (1) student at a is a two day class with one on one instruction. This is a GREAT  "Entry Level"  class as it discusses the tools and material requirements for basic "at home" bladesmithing... the two day class is $350.00

2: Intermediate Bladesmithing: This is a more advanced class and certain basic requirements must be met before taking this class. Please contact us directly to discuss this. The class will include fullers, blade cross sections, double edged blades and differential heat treating as well as some more advanced handle treatments suck as using bone, antler and horn.. One on one instruction for a two day class. $425.00

3: Welded Cable:  This class will cover the various grades, lays and types that are suitable for forge welding into barstock.  Will also cover finishing, heat treating and etching. Two day class, one on one instruction. $425.00

4: Introduction to Pattern Welding: This is a very intensive class, one of on instruction..covers materials, methods of welding, pattern manipulation and much much more. One on one instruction will also include the basics of using a power hammer, fly press and hydraulic press. Please not: YOU must contact us prior to this class to see if you have the basic techniques of bladesmithing mastered before you can take this class. This class is NOT for "beginners".  Two day class $500.00

All classes include materials and supplies need for that particular class. This is one on one, hands on instruction with a world class bladesmith.

For those in the greater Tampa area,  workshops are available in two hour blocks of time to help hone skills, solve problems, use of equipment. Simply contact us with what you need, bring the projects and we are certain we can help. One on one instruction...a two hour segment is $50.00. These segments are available most weekday afternoons.

If you have any questions or would like further information please us.

Please note: These classes do not include room or board for the two day classes nor transportation to or from our facility. Please contact us for a list of motels, hotels and other places to stay in the Spring Hill, Florida area.

These classes are a great opportunity to learn from one of finest traditional bladesmiths working today so, please, if interested feel free to contact us. Thank you!!



Some of My Student's Blades from my Classes:

The below blades were completed by some of my students .. I think they turned out really NICE...

The two pics below are of a blade made by the Wicked and Lovely Stevie S. The steel she made in my basic Pattern Welding class and the knife was made in one of my Basic Knifemaking Classes. This one is just beautiful.

And here is the knife! Great job and this is her SECOND KNIFE!! Notice the clean lines and overall balance of the blade..

This one down below is a Seax down by the Evil and Dastardly Jason W.. This is his first knife, with a 5160 blade and stag grip. With a left handed piece of stag as well...cause he is left handed! Pretty good job for a first one.. This one feels like your hand is empty when you hold is that well balanced...

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