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The following items are now available for immediate sale. They are, however, subject to prior sale so please contact us directly if you would like to acquire a piece. I can be reached at the following e-mail address at:

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This address is protected from Spambots...and your e-mail may not make it through if my security system thinks your e-mail looks a little  dodgy if I do not reply in 12 to 24 hours to your can call me via land line at 727-857-7784, the best times to call are weekday afternoons between 1 PM and 5:30 PM Eastern time


If you would like, additional photos are available upon request, of any piece listed below, if you wish close ups or any other section or overall pictures, please by all means ask. I will try my best to get as many photos as you'd like. Just let me know. I have a new camera, a Sony H20 that takes excellent pictures that I can easily e-mail.

PLEASE feel free to contact me for better photos if you are interested. I can be reached via telephone at 702-566-8551 afternoons are best.

The following pieces are all hand forged and hand crafted from only the finest materials and we are constantly looking for new and interesting materials to use. Inventory will change on a regular basis as pieces are sold and new ones are finished, so please check back.

Methods of payment we accept are "Bank Cheques/drafts", Cashier's Cheques, Money Orders, VISA/Mastercard and Pay-Pal. Please contact us for payment procedures. I try to be as easy as possible on this..

We are also interested in possible trades for pre-WWII Smith and Wesson and Colt revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, Walther, Mauser and Luger pistols as well as legally registered select fire weapons will also be considered. Other collector firearms may also be considered in trade, as we are FFL holders and have been for over 35 years

We ship via FedEx Ground as our standard method, so a street address (no P.O. Boxes) is required where someone will be present to sign for the package. International orders are shipped via USPS and all customs fees  and import duties are the purchaser's responsibility.

It is also the purchaser's responsibility to follow all laws pertaining to the purchase, use and possession of any of our products. These items are not intended for sale where prohibited by law.

A word on the Japanese style blades.. I am pretty much done with the research for my 4th book, the working title: "The Hand Crafted Blade: Tools and Techniques for Craftsmen". Once I finish up the few pieces I have left I will no longer be making any Japanese inspired blades. So if you see one you like, you best get it. There will be 125 pieces total. This is not many at all when you consider I have made thousands of blades over the years. Once these are done, they are done.. No more will be made...

The Japanese blades will be marked "Hage Bokatsu", along with my chop on one side on the tang and then signed with my signature on the other.

We have also added two new sections, the "Weird and Wonderful", these are items that usually do not fit into what I usually make, and my "What the Hell was I Thinking" section where all the other even weirder stuff will be... so be sure to take a look. 

So with all this now done....

The items that are currently available are:



Item No. 1 is a seldom seen Searles style Bowie knife. The 13 3/4" long blade is in my Solar Storm pattern, welded from a mix of 1095 and L-6 steel.This is a wicked blade in a classic 19th Century style that one seldom sees. This style of knife has great Lines" and the design just "flows"..


The pattern is exquisite...showing great patterning and contrast. One can very easily "get lost" in it....

The grip is one piece "Bovine Ivory" with phosphor bronze guard, bolster and pommel plates and is set with bronze studs. This knife has a very solid "feel in the hand". The overall length is 20- 1/4"... Black sheath. A very unusual knife in a classic old time style that is seldom made any more.

Priced at $1025.00

Jim Needs a Studio price $900.00 or best offer.



Item No. 02 is a very nice pattern welded Arming sword with a 22 1/2" double edged blade welded from 1070, L-6 and meteoric iron. The blade has a single 1/2 blade length fuller on each side and is in a "Ladder" pattern. Forged phosphor bronze mounts with a Coco-Bolo grip. Feels great in the hand. 

The blade shows great contrast and patterning. This is a beautiful Arming sword..

This is simply a gorgeous sword. With an overall length of 29 1/4" this sword feels great in the hand and has a solid "feel". Black sheath.

Priced at $2150.00

 Jim Needs a Studio sale price: $1890.00 or best offer




Item No. 3 is a very nice Arming sword with a 22 3/4" long "Ladder" pattern blade welded from 1070, L-6 and meteoric iron. The doubled edged blade has a single 1/2 blade length fuller on each side. This sword is BEAUTIFUL...The grip is Honduran Rosewood and the fittings are forged Phosphor Bronze.

The pattern in the blade is breath taking. GREAT contrast and patterning. This sword has a fantastic "feel" in the hand and is highly responsive and FAST.

Overall this one is 29 3/8" in length and this is a excellent example of the Swordsmith's art!  Black leather sheath. Sharpened and ready to go!

Priced at $2150.00

 Jim Needs a Studio sale price: $1890.00 or best offer


Item Number 04 is  a great medium sized pattern welded dagger with a blade forged from a mix of  1095, L-6 and Meteoric iron.

The double edged b lade is 10" in length and 1 1/8" wide. The forged fittings are phosphor bronze and the grip is Royal Ebony. This is a "classic" dagger!


The pattern is undulating  and quite eye catching. This is, as I said a classic dagger in a great size. OAL is 15 1/2". Black leather sheath.

Priced at $850.00

Jim Needs a Studio sale price: $700.00 or best offer