These knives are forged from "HC" grade RR spikes and are PROPERLY heat treated to get a decent cutting edge. No two are exactly alike..they are shaped the way they come off of the anvil.  I admit that I make these a bit differently than most other makers out there. I forge these to NOT feel "dead in the hand" or to be "butt heavy" and cumbersome. These are fully hand forged and distally tapered and PROPERLY heat treated. (For more information on how these are made..please go to my article pages..I have a article explaining how I forge these out. )  These are very tough knives indeed as well as being unique! 

PLEASE: Be aware that these little guys are EXTREMELY SHARP !! These knives WANT to cut!!

<<PLEASE NOTE: The blades below do NOT come with a sheath..)

The blades we have in stock currently are:



Blades are hand forged from HC marked RR spikes. This material is vey similar to 1045 which has a minimal amount of carbon just barely enough t harden somewhat, however we have develouped a thermal treatment that allows us to get a decent edge on these. 

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