Just an update..In the next 24 to 36 hours I will be posting one of my Japanese blade prototypes..This is a very nice Gen II Uno-Kobe Shobu Zukuri sword...I am currently waiting for the last two coats of hard lac to fully outgas and cure..Once that happens, it will posted. Believe me this is a gorgeous sword...  So keep checking back if you are interested..

Thank you for the interest..



As promised in yesterday's update..the afore mentioned Tachi is up and posted..ready for immediate sale.  I also gave its History as is a very interesting read..quite amusing..It is posted under my Japanese Blade section so please take a look..It is a gorgeous sword!!

More items will be posted shortly once I finish the leather stay tuned!!

~~~ Thank you for your interest~~~




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Hello!!  Just a heads up...sometime on Weds...6/18 19 I will be posting a Tachi that I finished a while back. This is a very interesting sword with a fantastic..and 100% TRUE story that goes alone with it... Here is a teaser pic...

This is a a beautiful sword and will be posted as I said on Weds.. So keep an eye out!!! I will do another update when it is up..



Thanks to all who in the last 24 hours stepped up and cleaned me out of my in stock items!! THANK YOU!!  All I have left are the axes and spears so I have got to get things rolling....This gives me a small amount of "breathing room" but I am still about $2200.00 short...then I have to finagle a way to get a couple of pieces of equipment moved here from Nevada..

So..I do have a question...does anyone know of a reputable trucking/freight company that runs from Southern Nevada down to the Tampa Florida area? I need to move my Little Giant power hammer ( roughly 1100# on one pallet) and my fly press...(about the same  around 1100# on one pallet...) so if anyone has any names or referrals, please let me know...As I said before I was a bit over on the weight of the truck and I have to ship these down here.

All in all...I will be setting up and I should be up and running  in about 10 to 14  days albeit on a limited basis since I don't have my heavy equipment down here as yet but I can still do runs on high carbon knives, swords and daggers..I even have some pieces of PW steel I made before my moved just in case something like this happened...So check back and see what is happening here.... new pieces are finished..I will be posting them..

The break in and the loss of all those raw materials really hurt us financially, and couple that with the tools that were also is a good chunk of cash that walked out the door.. Damn thieves.. 

If I could just unstall my go fund me page...that should do it... just in case you all need to know the it is...

Please spread this around to anyone you may feel would be interested in helping out and old hammer head who is in a bit of a bind. I appreciate all the help that we have it amazing..that is all I can say as I am just..well speechless... But a bit more help is needed so..thank you all for helping to spread the word..

I will be posting more updates as things progress...expect another update around the 4th... In closing...

THANK YOU ALL once again..