After many, many years of requests from people of various faiths  we have decided to "go public" with the fact that we have been making hand forged ritual blades for over 40 years. These are the same high quality as all the other blades we make, these are just made a bit differently in accordance to either Lunar or Solar cycles  as requested by various faiths.  

We understand the differences between the different paths, traditions and sects..all due to the fact that Jim is  Mazdayasna (aka Zarathushtran..aka Zoroastrian) clergy, a follower of the teachings of the prophet Zarathushtra also known as Zoroaster in the modern world... 


In Stock Pieces: 

These pieces are what we currently have in stock ready for immediate sale: Prices are given upon request as these are priced differently from our other blades, as most that follow these faiths will   understand


Currently working on several pieces that will ab available for immediate sale.