Limited Edition Japanese Blades

NOTE: I am at the end of my series. I have 4 numbers left to fill and to be honest I am in no hurry to fill them due to "burn out" on doing so many. They will be filled but I will work on them every so often. So keep a look out and see..Once these are gone that is it for the series.

These swords are hand forged using only the finest steel and iron. all are hand made. The Samegawa is imported so are the other materials I use like the Tsuka-Ito, Kashirae and other parts . These are gorgeous swords. They are EXTREMELY SHARP and proper care must be taken when handling these blades.

<NOTE: The sword shown at the top of this section is my own Chisa Katana, 22" Gen III blade, Shinogi Zukuri with two Bo-Hi on each side. Blade is in San Mai uising  a mix of 1070, 1095/meteorite and L-6 steel. This blade is NOT for sale.>

The current stock we have in the series is as follows.

Item 94 of 125: Gen II Katana

Item No. 94 in my limited series of 125 Japanese blades is a very NICE Gen II Katana. In 1070 with a iron core the blade is 27 3/4" in length. The blade is Kobuse in construction and is in the Shinogi-Zukuri blade geometry. There is a single, full blade length Bo-Hi on each side of the blade. This sword is "fast" in hand and very solid in feel and quite responsive. Please note: This sword is VERY SHARP and proper care must be taken when handling.

The Hamon is easily seen and shows a lot of activity but like most of my pieces this blade could benefit from a professional polish to bring out all the fun stuff and make the blade "Pop". However there is nothing "wrong" with the current polish...far from it...I am just saying that a better polisher than I am could really make this one "shine" and reveal all that is "going on in there"...


The Tsuka 11 1/2" in length and is covered in black samegawa underneath black and gold Chevron pattern silk Ito. A very beautiful combination. The Kashirae is in a Tiger motif and is finished in the bright. The material for the furniture is red bronze. GORGEOUS colour. There are two (2) mekugi securing the Tsuka to the Nakago..

The siya is wood, with red gold gold leaf under black cracked lacquer. It is sealed with 6 coats of hard, clear lac. This is a killer sword. Dramatic yet elegant. Visually stunning if you ask me...

All in all this is visually a very eye catching sword, feels great in the hand..very solid yet responsive. I will say again..this sword is VERY SHARP. Overall length is 40 7/8". This sword would make a great addition to any collection or a gift far a serious martial artist.

Priced at $2250.00