Limited Edition Japanese Blades

NOTE: I am at the end of my series. I have 4 numbers left to fill and to be honest I am in no hurry to fill them due to "burn out" on doing so many. They will be filled but I will work on them every so often. So keep a look out and see..Once these are gone that is it for the series.

These swords are hand forged using only the finest steel and iron. all are hand made. The Samegawa is imported so are the other materials I use like the Tsuka-Ito, Kashirae and other parts . These are gorgeous swords. They are EXTREMELY SHARP and proper care must be taken when handling these blades.

<NOTE: The sword shown at the top of this section is my own Chisa Katana, 22" Gen III blade, Shinogi Zukuri with two Bo-Hi on each side. Blade is in San Mai using  a mix of 1070, 1095/meteorite and L-6 steel. This blade is NOT for sale.>

The current stock we have in the series is as follows.:

I have three numbers left to fill in this series as of now. I will eventually fill these and the series will be it is...we have no Japanese blades in stock for sale in the series.. HOWEVER I am now listing the following two blades that are prototypes for my 4th book below:




Item No JP-02 Prototype Chisa Katana, Gen III

Item No JP-02 is a prototype  Gen III Chisa Katana with a Kobuse style laminated blade welded from 1070/L-6 steel with a small amount of meteoric iron as well.. The blade is hand forged in the Shobu-Zukuri style and is 24" in length and has two (2) Bo-Hi on each side. This is one wicked in the hand and very responsive.  This one was made as a prototype piece for book IV, and is signed as such on the Nakago.


 The blade shows beautiful Hada and Hamon, but it would benefit greatly from a professional polish. Polishing is a skill set I just can not master,.


 The tuska is white rayskin under blue and gold silk Ito wrapped in my own "modified battle wrap" style. The tsuba is a silver leaf prayer wheel and the menuki are gold leafed cranes.



 This Siya is gold leaf under ash blue cracked lac and it is sealed with 6 coats of hard, clear lacquer The Koaigai, Kurikata and Kashirae are black horn. This is a very attractive sword and EXCEEDINGLY SHARP and it cuts GREAT!!


With an overall length of 35 1/4" this one is ready to go and would make a great addition to just any anyone's collection. Thios would make a fantatsic matching piece for Item No JP-01 above..

Priced at $2495.00

Note..THIS IS ONE ON THE LAST JAPANESE STYLE BLADES I WILL PROBABLY EVER MAKE.. This is a prototype for my 4th book and well I am just so tired of making these... This is your last chance to get a Japanese style blade from me...