UPDATE!!  New Items Posted!!

Hello!!  I just posted several new pattern welded blades and are they GORGEOUS!! So, if would be so kind as to take a look at what is new on our "In Stock" pages I think you may find something to pique your interest! One of these is a brand new pattern (well i think I am the first to do this) that I have posted... Take a look!! It is GORGEOUS!!

What is coming:.. I am starting a run of high carbon swords, war hammers and a few high carbon daggers as soon as I am finished with this last few pattern welded pieces.. Once they are completed I will post when they are ready to go.. In the mean time..

I will be finishing up all sorts of little "odds and ends" pieces  as they "come up"  some will be very interesting as they say.... so please check in every now and then to see what is new..You may be surprised.. In fact, I know you will because I know what I am working on  (heh heh heh)..

We here at Salamander Armoury want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been "there" for us.. We greatly appreciate your support over all of these years, especially this last year..for without your generous support we wouldn't be "here"  (Jim is in his 50th ...YES 50th!! year of bladesmithing we are going stronger than ever !!!) hammering out high quality blades hand forged by a Master Smith.. Thank you...