Update. Jim is laid low due to another infection. I have been trying to keep him down but my Dad is my Dad and he is fiercely proud and well I am sure he isn't listening and sneaking out t the studio to get thing done when I am not here..

As it is the following folk's orders are ready to ship and will go out ASAP:   B.H. S.P. and B.B.

I want to thank everyone for their patience with us in this difficult time. We will be back up shortly I hope. Thank you all.



A lot has happened since the last update..some good...some not so good. Sue had yet another raging infection in her leg. The Drs did manage to finally knock it down after removing some necrotic tissue that was in the wound causing the infection. The wounds inn her left leg still have not healed and are still open. Sue does have a wound pump and that is helping a bit but not as much as we would like. There has been mention of hyperbaric oxygen as this would greatly aid the healing in her leg. We will find out more about that in the next few days. It seems that for every two steps forward we get knocked back a  step and a half. I will keep doing updates on her condition as things progress.

As far as production goes. I am still spending as much time with Sue as I can however I am finally into the last of my back orders so these will be out the door in the next few weeks if things progress the way they have been..very slowly.. I wish to thank everyone for the support and understanding.. Sue and I greatly appreciate that.

Thank you all..



An update in regards to Sue..She has has an MRI, CT scan and an ultrasound ..We are still waiting to hear the results of those tests. Her wounds are infected but they are working on getting that knocked down as she is on serious anti-biotics. She is still confused and her Ca level is 4 times higher than it should be  and her K level is extremely low..low enough that it  can easily affect her heart beat. The Drs are doing the best they can to get these back to normal, especially her K levels. As far as her leg goes..once the infection is knocked out the wound care Drs  said it should start to heal once again and then we can focus on getting her walking and then home. We are still hoping that she will respond to the medications and stop the hallucinations. At least she has come around but then she slips back. Very unsettling.

As it is I am spending as much time as I can with her. Our son Nick has been a great help and support. He helps as much as he can but he does have his own things he needs to do, which is completely understandable but he is still a great help. 

If there are any changes I will post another update. I wish to thank everyone who has written in. THANK YOU all..the thoughts and prayers are greatly apprecaiated.

THANK YOU ALL once again.


Hello:  This is not easy for me to say but Sue has taken a turn for the worse and is now in ICU in Bayonet Point and she has a raging infection as well as a severe chemical imbalance. She is very confused and is experiencing severe hallucinations So I am respectfully asking any of you so inclined  to please mention her in your prayers.  Sue and I  greatly appreciate the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.

I wish this was better news and I want to say THANK YOU to you all...



An update. Sue's condition has taken a down turn. She has develouped yet another infection and they are currently trying to get that under control. In the mean time she is still somewhat confused as to where she is and is generally not doing as well as she should. Her leg still has several deep, open wounds with sinus tracts extending well into the leg muscles. This is not where she is suppose to be two months after surgery.  We are bringing her in dinners that she can actually eat to help curb her weight loss. Needless to say I am worried sick. Thankfully our son Nicholas is here as he is a great help but still things are very stressful.

I am spending as much time with her as I can so production in the studio has slowed but I am still working, just a good bit slower than usual.

Hurricane Idalia is on her way here and should hit landfall at around 0200hrs tomorrow morning., The eye is expected to hit north of us about 90 miles or so...We will be OK.

Currently we are working on finishing several orders as well as pieces for our in stock pages..mostly Crucible Damask. I will be posting here when they are up.

In closing..I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has written in expressing well wishes and prayers. THANK YOU they are greatly appreciated.

More to come...