We just posted a Kogarasu Maru Katana on our Japanese blades page..  Please take a look..

What we have coming:

We will be posting another Katana in the next week or so and another about 2 weeks after that. In the mean time Jim has been "released" from the light/limited duty he was on and is now slowly working to get into full time once again. However he was told that he should start out slowly and work into hui usual 10 hour work days..

As soon as he finished items we will be posting. We are planning.. amongst  things a couple of runs of black iron mounted sword and daggers, welded cable, pattern welded blades and a few war hammers as well.. Please check back often to see what is new we put up.

Thank you all for your encouragement. Jim still isn't back up to speed but he should be in another week or two..

Thank you all once again,...