A long awaited update.. and GOOD news (for once!) Jim has more or less recovered from his recent health scare/predicament, while his stamina isn't where it should be as yet he is now back at work and we would like to thank everyone who have been so patiently waiting their back orders for the understanding, well wishes and prayers for Jim's health.. He is working  but not yet up to his usual 10 hour days, but he is BACK!  He is now working on the outstanding orders and as they are completed their owners will be notified.

In addition to the backorders we will be soon posting a '"run" of his sgain dubh style of knives in high carbon steel with various hardwoods on the grips. Jim did a run of these to "ease" back into working hot and heavy after his long illness.. Once the leather work is completed and the orders for these are filled the remaining dozen or so will be placed on here for sale. Once they are up  we will be posting a notice here as usual...

What is coming... FINALLY Black iron mounted blades and war hammers.. We haven't been able to do any of these since before Jim getting laid up and that was a  quite a while back.. He already has the blades for quite  a few forged, heat treated and ready for final grinding and mounts. We are a couple weeks out for completion on these as we work in batches as far as the bluing goes... There are a few back orders in batch one coming as well..More batches will be done and we are slipping in a few other pieces during "down time" in the runs.. As new pieces are completed and become ready we will post them for sale.. again, we will announce their availability  here.. It's been a long time since we had any significant amount of work posted but  we will be posting new pieces here shortly..

Book IV news.... we need a graphic artist who can "translate" Jim's line drawings into "pen and ink" illustrations for book IV. There will be quite a few of them that will need to be done, and the graphic artist will get full credit on the publisher's page as well as what ever terms  we can agree upon.  Book IV will be a rather large book..and we are getting excited that it is getting closer to being completed...So if anyone is interested in possibly doing these illustrations please by all means contact us!

So check back from time to time to see what is new and in closing...

Thank you all once again for your patience, prayers and continued support throughout our difficult time.   We greatly appreciate it!