Something very unfortunate happened last week..My wife Sue suffered a slip and fall and that ended up pretty much destroying her knee replacement in her left leg as well as breaking her left femur in two places.  I have been spending a lot of time with her..

It took the hospital 4 days to address the broken leg and the knee replacement. NO ONE is telling me why it took so long, but it did.. I WILL find out. Sue did not do well in surgery. She currently has a fever as well as a breathing tube, the doctors are thinking it is either an infection or a fat  embolism from the broken bone and/or the knee replacement. She is currently in the ICU up in Brooksville as the local hospital here doesn't have the facilities to treat her properly. She has been in the ICU since Monday the 19th.. They did address the bone breaks when they replaced the knee..

So I am humbly asking that for those of you so inclined to please mention her in your prayers, we would greatly appreciate it if you did. She is in Mazda's hands now and I know the Wise Lord will look after her.

Now if anyone has been trying to call you know why no one has been answering. I am asking for your understanding while we deal with this situation. I will be doling updates as  things change. I wish this was a happier update.

In closing, thank you for you time and interest.