NOTE: I am at the end of my series. I have 2 numbers left to fill and to be honest I am in no hurry to fill them due to "burn out" on doing so many. They will be filled but I will work on them every so often. So keep a look out and see..Once these are gone that is it for the series.

These swords are hand forged using only the finest steel and iron. all are hand made. The Samegawa is imported so are the other materials I use like the Tsuka-Ito, Kashirae and other parts . These are gorgeous swords. They are EXTREMELY SHARP and proper care must be taken when handling these blades.


 NOTE:  There are no numbers remaining. However, I am currently finishing up several more prototype/example pieces for book IV. I will be posting these as they are available.. I will be posting an update on my main page when they are near completion and again once they are complete and listed. So please check back often.. THANK YOU  ~~~JPH~~~

Please Note: I say again: The numbered series is now completed and there are no more pieces available in this series.; However, I still have a few book IV pieces that I am making for the Japanese Blade sections of that book. These will be available for sale as they are finished and photographed and they will be signed as book IV pieces on the nakago. 

These pieces will include Katana, Chisa Katana, Wakizashi,  Tanto and a few Naginata  ( the nagi's will be available as blades only!) so please check back to see what was added. THANK YOU ALL for the support of this  series. I greatly appreciate it!!

Items in Stock: 

 These are amongst the LAST of the Japanese blades that I will be making. There will be NO MORE after these unless I need  a piece for book IV. I have pretty much completed that section in my 4th book is what I have. All are gorgeous swords

 JS-01 Shinogi-Zukuri Katana:

Item No. JS-01 is a very NICE Katana in Shinogi-Zukuri. The blade is hand forged from 1070 steel with a soft iron core..(Kobuse construction). Blade length ois 28" and there is no bo-hi. This sword feels great in the hand and it is VERY SHARP!



The Hamon is my "Double Cross" pattern that shows great activity. The polish is quite nice and overall it is a gorgeous blade. This hamon is a real bugger to get to turn out but I think the results are worth the effort. This sword will appear in book IV.


The mounts are bronze done in a dragonfly motif. The tsuka is covered in black Same-Gawa and wrapped in Black and Gold Chevron silk ito. This is a great colour combination. It is  10 1/4" in length and secured with two mekugi (pins). 

The wood siya is finished in  red gold leaf under black cracked lacquer and is sealed with 6 coats of hard clear lac. This is an elegant weapon.


With an overall length of 40" this is a gorgeous sword. I will say again..this sword is EXTREMELY SHARP! A very "solid" feeling sword.

Priced at $2750.00

Sue's Sale price $2000.00 or best offer


JS-02 : Shinogi-Zukuri Katana:

Item No JS-02 is a very NICE sword in the Shinogi Zukuri blade geometry with an exquisite Hamon. This is one of my Gen II swords with a 1070 steel blade around a soft iron core. The blade length is 28"  and this sword is VERY SHARP! Feels quite solid in the hand and very responsive. Gorgeous blade.


 As you can see the Hamon is very active and quite '"Frosty"..This is one of the best polishes I have do so far and it shows. The degree of activity along the shibuchi line is very interesting. There is a lot going on in this blade.

 The mounts are antiqued bronze done in a plum blossom motif and and the tsuka is 10 3/4" in length, red same-gawa under red silk Ito. It is secured with two (2) mekugi.

 The siya is finished with red cracked lac over gold leaf. Elegant colour combination.


With an overall length of  40" this sword is ready to go! I will say again..this sword is VERY SHARP so proper care must be taken when handling.

 Priced at $2750.00

 Sue's Sale price: $2000.00 or best offer


JS-03: Uno-Kobe Shobu Zukuri Katana

Item No JS 03 is a very nice Unokobe Shobu Zukuri Katana in Kobuse 1070. The 27 1/2" hand forged blade has two Bo-Hi on each side. This blade is exceedingly sharp so proper care must be taken when handling. Feels wonderful in the hand.

The Hamon shows a good deal of activity and a lot of "frost". The polish on this blade came out quite nice indeed!

The mounts are bronze with gold and silver leaf detailing in a  "ghost" motif. These fittings are superb! The tsuka is  hardwood with black same-gawa and covered in grey silk ito. It is 10 3/4" in length and is secured with two mekugi.

The wood siya is finished in black lacquer under grey cracked lac. Sealed with 6 coats of hard clear lacquer. This sword is simply magnificent.  This colour combination, while a bit subdued is very "classy"...Not in the least bit "showy" ..Just elegant.

Feels fantastic in hand and is very responsive when handling. I will say this one more time this sword is SHARP! Overall length of 39" this one is a very elegant sword.

Priced at $2750.00

Sues Sale price $2000.00 or best offer




JS 05: Shinogi Zuukuri Katana:

Item number JS-05 is very nice Katana in Shinogi Zukuri. The blade is 1070 steel with a soft iron core (Kobuse). It is  27 1/4" in length and has a single full length Bo-Hi on each side.  This blade is SHARP! Please take care when handling. Feels solid in the hand and moves nicely and is very responsive.


 The hamon is my "Three Brothers" Hamon and shows a great  deal of activity and a lot of frost along the shibuchi line. There is lot going on with this blade.

 The tsuba and kashirae are bronze with gold and silver leaf details done in the "old Man and the Tiger" motif. These fittings are simply beautifully done.

 The tsuka is wood covered in black same-gawa with gold and black chevron pattern silk ito. It is  10 1/2" in length and is secured with two mekugi (pins).

 The wood siya is finsihed in red gold leaf under black cracked lac and is sealed with 6 coats of hard, clear lacquer

An overall length of 39 1/4" this sword is very  dramatic and makes quite the "statement". I will say again..this sword is VERY SHARP!

Priced at $2750.00

Sue's Sale price $2000.00 or best offer