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Item No 25 is a Classic styled Searles Bowie. The 13 1/2" single edged blade is 1 1/2" wide and is welded from a mix of 1095, L-6 and a small amount of meteoric iron in my "Solar Storm" pattern. This is a large knife indeed!! 

The pattern is quite dramatic with all the swirls and  waves that this pattern is known for...This is a very NICE knife in a very interesting pattern.

The one piece Bovine Ivory grip is finished in a deep red/brown colour and set with phosphor bronze studs .. T double branch guard and pommel plate are also phosphor bronze.



This knife has an overall length of 20" and feel solid in the hand. This Bowie makes a STATEMENT!  Comes with a black leather sheath. This is simply a very, VERY nice knife! YOU don't see many of the old Searles style of Bowie now a days..

Priced at $1125.00






Item No. 26 is a very nice Pattern Welded "Germanic" style sword in  my "Hugs and Kisses" Pattern. The hand forged double edged blade is 28 1/2" in length,  and is 2" in width with a full length fuller on each side. It is welded from a mix of 1095, L-6 and a small amount of meteoric iron.  This swords has a very "solid" feel in the hand




The blade shows great patterning and the contrast is superb! This is a beautiful sword indeed!!. This is one of those patterns that you can "get lost in" while looking at it. This is simply an interesting pattern for a double edged blade.


The one piece grip is blackened "Bovine Ivory" with phosphor bronze studs..the bolster/guard and pommel plates are three pieces made from phosphor bronze and black horn.. A very striking grip.


With an overall length 35 1/2" this is a large sword and it has a nice, solid feel yet handles very, very well.  I hate to say this but I am not a photographer by any means and these photos do not do this sword justice at all.. This is a beautiful piece! Comes with a black leather sheath.

Priced at $1875.00


Item No 27 is a very NICE pattern welded dagger welded from a mix of 1095 and L-6 steel with a small amount of meteorite thrown in for grins. The 8 1/4" double edged blade is hand welded in a Maiden Hair twist pattern and shows great contrast. The fittings are all phosphor bronze and the grip is hand fluted and fashioned from an polymer/acrylic and has the appearance of a fine maple burl. This material is very durable and simply downright beautiful.. The colours are in deep golds, reddish browns and ambers.  Quite eye catching!

As you can see the pattern is quite vibrant and easily seen.  There are a lot of twists and turns in the pattern. this blade is just dramatic in execution! As with all our work, this piece was hand welded and hand forged to shape...


The black leather sheath has  a phosphor bronze chape and locket and is set with a very nice 17.65 Ct star ruby. The ruby shows a beautiful 6 point star in direct light. This dagger is just breathtaking. Simple, yet very elegant.

With an overall length of 13" this little dagger is simply elegant and quite eye catching.  The whole package of dagger and sheath  is simply  classic in execution and design. This is simply a beautiful piece!

 Priced at $925.00





Item No. 28 is a very nice war hammer with a nitre blued 1045 carbon steel head and steel haft left forge roughed.. 

The one piece grip is wrapped in a chevron pattern with phosphor bronze wire. These wire wrapped grips are great when it comes to gripping. This is a NICE war hammer. 

With an overall length of 30" this hammer will make quick work out of just about any armoured foe!!

Prices at $375.00

These are a matched set of laminated 1070 and L6 Katana and Wakizashi blades ONLY.. These are bare blades, finished to 1000 grit and lightly etched to reveal the Hada and Hamon activity.   The blade geometry is Kira-Zukuri on one side and Shinogi --Zukuri on the other side. There is one full length Bo-Hi on the Shinogi Zukuri side.

These blades will finished out very nicely and will be devastatingly gorgeous when finished and mounted.

The blade lengths are:

Katana 31 3/4" with a 12" nakago  (tang)

Wakizashi 213/3" blade and a 10" nakago (tang)

This is the Shinogi-Zukuru side showing the blade Hada and the Hamon. The activity in the Hamon is starting to show nicely.

This is the Kiriha Zukuri side. As yhou can see tghe hamon shows nicely on tghis side as well and the Hada is very fine.


These are  a one of a kind  dai-sho and will be a great project for someone who has the time ti put into the effort to fully polish and mount. These are sold as a set only, This is a one time opportunity to get a unique set of swords.

Priced at $925.00