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Item  No 5 is a very elegant belt knife in 1070, L-6 and a small bit of meteoric iron. The blade is a long clip point that is 8 3/4" long and 1" wide.. In a "Ladder" pattern and has a single fuller on each side. this is a very NICE knife. The fittings are phosphor bronze  and the grip is some of my "fossilized Bovine Ivory"

The patterning is superb, very vibrant and shows great contrast.

This is a beautiful knife and the grip shows fantastic coluration and  ""depth" 

All in all this is a great knife and an excellent example of pattern welding. OAL of 13 3/4" with a black leather sheath.

Priced at $750.00





Item No. 06 is a brutal War Hammer..The 1045 steel head is nitre blued and the haft is left rough from the forge.. This is a very nasty and effective weapon used against armoured opponents. As gorgeous as it is deadly the grip is wire wrapped.

The grip is wrapped in a spaced single strand wire wrapping. This makes the grip very secure in the hand.


With and overall length of  30" this one is ready and set to go!

Priced at $375.00

Item No. 7 is a single edged Dirk in 1095, L-6 steel with a small amount of meteoric material thrown in for  what the Hell.. Welded in a "Ladder Pattern" the blade is  10 3/4" long with a single fuller on each side. The fittings are phosphor bronze. This is a BEAUTIFUL knife.

The pattern is easily seen and shows chatoyancy  which is quite eye catching.

The red "Bovine Ivory" grip is set with phosphor bronze studs in a diaper pattern.  This grip displays great colour and is simply gorgeous.

With an overall length of 15 3/4", this one has a black leather sheath.

Priced at $975.00



Item No 8 is number 18 in my limited edition of 25 Pattern Welded "Neo-Viking" swords. This is a beautiful sword. The blade is 30 1/4" in length and a full 2" wide. welded from a mix of 1060, L-6 and meteorite the blade has a full length fuller on each side. This blade is done in a "Ladder Pattern" that has to be seen in person to really appreciate the beauty of it. The fittings are file worked phosphor bronze.


As you can see the pattern on this sword shows a great deal of contrast and chatoyancy . It is almost hypnotizing and quite eye catching. These phoitos do not show all the depth and beauty of this blade.

The one piece "Fossil Bovine Ivory" grip shows  a great deal of colour variation and is set with phosphor bronze studs in a diaper pattern

With an overall length of 37 3/4" this is a large sword and quite impressive.  Again, this sword is drop dead gorgeous and the photos do not do this one justice at all.  Black leather sheath.

Priced at $2975.00


Item No. 9 is a Searles pattern Bowie in hand forged 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron. The 13 1/2" single edged blade is welded in a Ladder Pattern and it is just exquisite! This knife is FAST in the hand and feels very solid. 

As you can see, the patterning is tight and the contrast is quite easily seen. This blade is one of the tightest "Ladder Pattern" pieces I have done in a single edged knife. Is has the look of a high quality curly maple.. 

The one piece Bovine Ivory grip is finished in red, gold and amber colours. The guard, pommel plate and studs are phosphor bronze. 

This knife has an overall length of 19 1/2" . It is a large knife but as I said...moves quickly and is very responsive. All in all this is a beautiful piece of cutlery. Comes with a black leather sheath.

Priced at $1125.00