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Item No. 7 is a very nice Arming sword with a 22 3/4" long "Ladder" pattern blade welded from 1070, L-6 and meteoric iron. The doubled edged blade has a single 1/2 blade length fuller on each side. This sword is BEAUTIFUL...The grip is Honduran Rosewood and the fittings are forged Phosphor Bronze.

The pattern in the blade is breath taking. GREAT contrast and patterning. This sword has a fantastic "feel" in the hand and is highly responsive and FAST.

Overall this one is 29 3/8" in length and this is a excellent example of the Swordsmith's art!  Black leather sheath. Sharpened and ready to go!

Priced at $2150.00



Item No 8 is a drop dead gorgeous pattern welded Arming sword. The blade is welded from 1070, L-6 and a bit of meteoric iron (just for thrills and giggles.. just simply because I Blade length 24 1/4".. The grip is African Blackwood and the guard and pommel are phosphor bronze. This sword feels great in hand with a good "solid" feel. This is one "powerful feeling" sword indeed.

This sword has a great pattern in the is very "rugged and rustic" in its visual presentation...

As you can see this is one "dramatic" blade as far as pattern and contrast. The Blackwood grip "sets off" the phosphor bronze fittings. This is..simply put.. a totally "Classic" Arming/Short sword.. OAL: 32". Black sheath.

Priced at $2250.00


Item Number 9 is  a great medium siazed pattern welded dagger with a blade forged from a mix of  1095, L6 and Meteoric iron.

The double edged b lade is 10" in length and 1 1/8" wide. The forged fittings are phosphor bronze and the grip is Royal Ebony. This is a "classic" dagger!


The pattern is undulating  and quite eye catching. This is, as I said a classic dagger in a great size. OAL is 15 1/2". Black leather sheath.

Priced at $850.00


These knives are forged from "HC" grade RR spikes and are PROPERLY heat treated to get a decent cutting edge. No two are exactly alike..they are shaped the way they come off of the anvil.  I admit that I make these a bit differently than most other makers out there. I forge these to NOT feel "dead in the hand" or to be "butt heavy" and cumbersome. These are fully hand forged and distally tapered and PROPERLY heat treated. (For more information on how these are made..please go to my article pages..I have a article explaining how I forge these out. )  These are very tough knives indeed as well as being unique! 

PLEASE: Be aware that these little guys are EXTREMELY SHARP !! These knives WANT to cut!!

<<PLEASE NOTE: The blades below do NOT come with a sheath..)

The blades we have in stock currently are:


We are currently sold out of these however I am making another run and these will be finished shortly.


These throwing axes are hand forged from soft iron/mild steel for the eye/poll with a medium carbon steel (either 1060/70 or 5160..) edge inserts. All are slow browned and ready to go.

We use the "standard tomahawk" handle that is available from most re-enactment suppliers. However due to the hand forging some minor fitting of the handle may be required but this only takes a few minutes. All handles are hand rubbed with  an oil finish and are very comfortable in the hand. I sell a whole lot of these and they just "work like they are supposed to..