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Item No 5 is a gorgeous leaf bladed shortsword in  1070/L6 pattern weld with some meteoric iron as well in the "Ladder" pattern.. The blade is 22 3/4" in length and it  is hilted in my (in)famous blackened "Bovine Ivory" one piece grip with phosphor bronze bolster/pommel plates that are file worked. The grip is set with phosphor bronze studs in a diaper pattern. This sword feels wonderful in hand and it is FAST and VERY responsive..

The blade patterning is amazing!! The contrast "pulls you in" and is very vibrant and almost hypnotic! Even and very sinuous the pattern has the look of curly maple...Dramatic comes to mind when describing this blade's watering..

This is simply a beautiful sword...plain and simple yet elegant and very eye catching. This is a very old blade shape and seldom seen in modern made shortswords..and even  rarer in pattern welded steel...It would make a great addition to any collection or re-enactor's kit... Overall length: 28 1/2".. Black sheath

Priced at $2150.00

COVID sale price : $1450.00

Item No. 6 is a gorgeous pattern welded dagger. The 9 1/4" long blade is welded from 1095, l-6 and meteoric iron in a "Ladder" pattern.The grip is Pre-World War One "Horn"  Bakelite. This is a very nice material and one of the first "man made" synthetics.. The fittings are phosphor bronze.



 As you can see the pattern is superb! The blade shows great contrast and he patterning is even and tight. This blade is simply stunning!


 The grip is hand fluted showing variations in colour ranging from cream to greys and tans. Very unique material nowadays.. It is over 100 years old...

 The leather sheath has a phosphor bronze chape and locket and is set with a hand cut (I cut this one myself) 14.56 ct Star Ruby. Gorgeous stone


 All in all this dagger is a real eye catcher and feels great in the hand...simple and elegant, wold make a fine addition to any collection.

Priced at $975.00

COVID price $770.00




Item No. 7 is a single edged Dirk in 1095, L-6 steel with a small amount of meteoric material thrown in for  what the Hell.. Welded in a "Ladder Pattern" the blade is  10 3/4" long with a single fuller on each side. The fittings are phosphor bronze. This is a BEAUTIFUL knife.

The pattern is easily seen and shows chatoyancy  which is quite eye catching.

The red "Bovine Ivory" grip is set with phosphor bronze studs in a diaper pattern.  This grip displays great colour and is simply gorgeous.

With an overall length of 15 3/4", this one has a black leather sheath.

Priced at $875.00

COVID sale $595.00



Item No. 8 is a very nice Maiden's Hair pattern welded dagger. The double edged blade is  9 3/4" in length and is welded from a mix of 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron. The hand fluted grip is fashioned from Pre-World War One white Bakelite.  This is an elegant dagger.



The blade shows great contrast and the Maiden's Hair pattern is simply stunning.

The Pre-WWI white Bakelite looks like fine elephant fact from three feet away you can not tell the difference.  When you consider this material is in excess of 100 years's some amazing stuff..

The oxblood leather sheath is mounted with a phosphor bronze chape and locket and is set with a  hand cut  12.78 Ct Star Ruby. This is a very nice stone on this one


This is simply a very elegant dagger in classic proportions. Visually appealing and it makes a dramatic statement. This is a very, very nice dagger.

Priced at $975.00

Covid sale price: $770.00

Item No. 09 is a very nice Sgain Dubh with a beautiful "Ladder" pattern blade welded from a mix of 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron to boot!!  single edged and is 4 3/4" in length. Very dark Coco-Bolo grip has file worked phosphor bronze bolster and pommel plates. A true "gentleman's" knife.

as you can see he pattern just jumps right up at you! It has great contrast and character..

This is a very handy little knife with great eye appeal. Overall length is  9".  Black sheath.

Priced at $325.00

Covid Sale Price: $225.00