First off... Let us take a few moments to remember those that gave their lives in service to our great nation. We all gave some...some gave ALL.. so to those valiant souls that perished in service to our are not forgotten..and you never will be....

We are still trying to work the bugs out of the new site.. Please be patient.. we are on this...

Posted 5 pieces on the In Stock pages...and that is one bug we are trying to work out... They don't show up!!  But we will get this corrected... so bear with us..

More updates will follow...



Well we are back up and running!! this site was down for close to two weeks and thanks to the tireless efforts of my Web Minion Karl we are BACK!  Now this will need some small tweeking and de-bugging but we are back.  I will be posting in stock items here this evening and once I get this all set I will be holding my annual Memorial Day Sale ()OK I know it's late but the site crash hit us..) and I will be posting that once I get everything set.




As many of you already know our site has been down close to two and a half weeks. This was do to us being hacked and the hackers crashed my site..destroying pretty much everything. This was a MAJOR hit but thanks to my E-Vile Minion Carolus, and his tireless efforts we have been able to rebuild... Thankfully I did have my files backed up on an off site server...

Now while we are "Back" I still have to load in stock items and work out a few kinks and tweek it here and there...but we are BACK.

Please come back in a little while and see what the differences are and I will be holding a sale of the items that I do have in stock once I get things back to full operational status.

I wish to thank all of you that have written in and/or called  to see what was going on. It's nice to know that folks out there still notice things. 

So check back shortly and once again...