Hello!! An update ..The Covid sale is currently running and I just added two more  blades...both pattern welded and ready to go! Here is a sneak peek...

I will be adding more items as they are ready..so please stop by and check what is new as often as you wish. As always if you have any questions at all..by all means feel free to ask..  

Thank you for the continued interest and support!!





Just posted one of the last several pieces left in my series of 125.. It is in my Japanese Blade Section of my In Stock pages.. It is a gorgeous sword!

A Gen II blade with a fantastic Hamon..!!

A elegant sword wit great eye appeal

This one is ready to go!!  Check out my In Stock pages for more information on this and all of the other pieces we have...

Thank you for your time!!



We are going to be at the Gator Cutlery Knife Show this Saturday the  1st of February at:

RP Funding Center

700 West Lime St

Lakeland, FL 33815

We will be there with everything we have finished including this new piece we made especially for this show:


So we hope to see you Saturday!


Happy 2020 to you all!!

Here is an update..first I just finished another of the prototype blades for book IV. This is a GORGEOUS sword with a drop dead Hamon.

This one is listed on my In Stock pages under my Japanese blade section so please take a look and see what we recently have finished.

Note: We WILL be attending then Gator Cutlery Club Knife Show  held at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL  held on the weekend of Jan 31st to Feb 2, 2020. If you are attending please stop by and say hello!!

What is in the works.. High carbon swords and daggers! Finally have the problems solved with my blue set-up and well..now I have got to get back to work. So the first pieces will be at the Gator Cutlery Show as well as being posted here as they are finished.

So our best wishes to you and yours for a joyous and prosperous 2020!






Due to the fact that we had a family medical emergency I was more or less out of the loop for the last two weeks or so.. Everything has settled down more or less and we are now back to the usual level of insanity around here...

I have been getting a lot of questions about my 4th book.. Book IV is being finished as you read this...I have arranged for the photography and I am deep into the actual text and finishing off several of the sections as well..This book is covering a lot of information that no one else has covered in the custom knife world as far as I can tell.. I will be doing more updates as things progress..As it is I already have 20 some odd pages on just working horn, antler and bone alone.. This is going to be interesting... Which brings us to...

Cyber Monday Sale!!

From now until midnight Dec 10 2019 I am having a Cyber Monday sale...Prices are heavily discounted so take a look and see..I will you what...just to make it more interesting..make me a fair and honest offer on any of the sale pieces I might just accept it...   So please drop by my in stock pages and have a look..

In closing.. Thank you for the interest in Salamander Armoury and our best wishes for the Holiday Season...

Merry Christmas!