Due to several factors that I had no control over....such as the length of time for the lac to properly harden on the siyas as well as heal up time from my first round of oral surgery to correct a couple of problems.. I was unable to post the two swords mentioned previously..

These will be posted tomorrow evening..Thurs, Apr 29, 2021 so please pop by and take a look...Both are very NICE swords...actually one is simply drop dead beautiful!!

I will post here when they are up..

THANK YOU for your interest and support..



Just an update.  In the next 24 to 48 hours I will be posting two more book IV Japanese sword prototypes. Both are Gen II and both are drip dead gorgeous!

Here is a sneak peek at one...

Once he lacquer dries on the second one I will post both for sale and as usual...I will make another announcement when they are up and available! So check back.

Take care all and thank you for your interest.




Well this day has finally arrived.. the last two numbered blades in my Japanese series are done and are posted. I was hoping toi get these listed sooner than this but the lacquer was taking its time in hardening and well..now it is fully hardened and cured.. these last two are now posted along with two more of my book IV prototypes.

All of these swords are very nice but the last one is even more so...so please take a look at what we have ..It has been over 10 years since I started this series and I learned quite a bit in doing these blades..I feel that was time well spent! I think you will agree when you see these latest pieces..

In closing...in you have any questions or if you wish additional photos, just feel free to ask..

Thank you for your interest in Salamander Armoury.




At long last my limited series of 125 numbered Japanese pieces is complete. The last two numbers are finished, simply waiting on he lac to dry. Sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours I will be posting them for sale.. The last one I went above and beyond on and even though it is not numbered 125/125 it will be signed as the last sword in the series. So please take a peek when you check back.

In addition to the last two numbered swords I will also be posting two more book IV prototypes that had photos taken for possible inclusion in my 4th book. These both will be inscribed with that information.,. So please check back and take a peek at the  "Last Samurai"..

What is coming...I just finished up a rather strange Feather Pattern  sabre/yataghan sword that will also be posted shortly after I post the 4 swords described above..Sp hewre again, please check back.

Of course I will put a notice/update here when these swords are up and available.. 

In closing..THANK YOU for your interest in us here at Salamander Armoury. It is greatly appreciated!


Hello!!  As promised.. I just posted another book sword under my Japanese Style Blades pages.

This is a very nice sword in a very attractive colour theme so please pop over and take a peek. If you have any questions at all..by all means feel free to ask!

Thank you all for the interest in our work.. It is greatly appreciated!