This is a MAJOR UPDATE..... Things are changing here at Salamander Armoury..So without further adieu let's get into it.

FIRST!!  We are MOVING..Yes after some 25 years in Nevada we are MOVING down south. We should complete the move by the end of this year and be back up and running sometime around the later part of January/earl February 2018. WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. In fact I will be still here in Nevada while Sue is down securing the property as well as helping me arrange for a new studio to be built. The plan is for me to continue to work here for the next 2 1/2 months or so and then move everything studio wise down there.. so not to worry..I am still hammering away and will for as long as I can up here prior to the final move...In fact I intend to work as many extra hours as I can in order to get stuff up and posted here for direct sale, so please stop by and take a look

SECOND: This one is a heart breaker.. This last June, my publisher Peder Lund passed on while in Finland... I just gotten word that as of 31 Dec, 2017 Paladin Press..the publishing house that has been so very good to me and has kept my books in print for the last 30 some odd years is closing their doors. This means that as of Jan 1, 2018 my books will no longer be available for original sale.  HOWEVER....all copyrights and properties entailed in my books and my videos revert back to me on 1 Jan, 2018 and I am already in the process of speaking with a new publishing house to get these books back in print and once more available. I WILL keep you all posted on this as things progress.

Third!! NEW STUFF!!!  We have a lot of new stuff up and ready for immediate sale...Axes!! a whole mess of them...Spears!! a passel full of those as well..and some more pattern welded blades, including a really unique (I call it weird..but what Hell..) , fantasy inspired cross between a shamshir and yatagan.  A most wicked blade indeed with a drop dead patterning  and just plain gorgeous.. It is a monster that is for certain.. 

Fourth: I have decided due to all the calls and e-mail I have been getting to list several of my prototype pieces I made for the Japanese section of my 4th book...These are signed as prototypes as well as the materials used and blade construction. I will be listing these this weekend. With all of the interest in these, I can honestly say these pieces will probably move quickly so if you have an interest in one of them..ACT swiftly cause once these are gone..that is it.

So..that's the scoop on what is going on around here...so please take a look and see what we have that is new and exciting  offered for sale.  As always,  if you would like any additional photos or have any questions about anything listed on our site, please,  by all means feel free to ask.

In closing...THANK YOU for your time and interest in us here at Salamander Armoury, it is greatly appreciated.



The sale is ON!!  Please take a look at what we have and remember that I WILL be adding items to the In Stock pages as the sale runs...

So take a look and see what the sale prices are.. I will say that they are rather enticing.

MORE to come as things progress...



Just posted several new items on my In Stock Pages. Three very NICE pattern welded daggers with Royal Ebony grips. These are all done and ready to go.

What is coming, some really spiffy pattern welded daggers in a new (well to me anyway) grip material..recycled from a old bowling ball!  Below is a "sneak peek" at one of the grips..I can get two grip sized pieces out of each ball and the supply is limited but I think that it is a very interesting (and different) material for a knife/dagger grip

Which brings up to the SALE!! I will be very open on this..Our little escapade with my youngest daughter cost us a tidy bit of $$ ...SO....

Starting at Midnight, (Las Vegas time) on Friday, July 28th 2017 and up until Midnight on August 7th  2017 I will be hold a sale. I will be adding new pieces during this sale. Sale prices will very enticing so take a look.

In closing..THANK YOU for your interest in us.. It is greatly appreciated.





Just posted some of my throwing axes to my in stock pages so please take a look and see what we have.

I will also be posting two more swords, a NICE pattern Welded Arming sword and one of my last swords in my Japanese series of 125.

What is being worked on. Spears!  Along with another batch of throwing axes (in a couple of different styles) . also I am working on another run of pattern welded daggers as well as black iron mounted high carbon swords. I will be posting new items as they are finished.

So take a look and see what we have that's new.

THANK YOU for your interest in us here at Salamander Armoury



Update!  Just posted two new pattern welded Arming swords on my "In Stock" pages. Please take a look.. In the next day or two I will be posting two more pieces..One of which is one of the last 4  of my Japanese blades in my limited series. I found a blade that was put away 3/4 the way done so I just finished it up and is it GORGEOUS. It's a Gen II (1070 outer with a mild steel/soft iron core).  So if you get a chance take a look

What is in the works: AXES! Throwing axes are almost done and spears will follow as soon as the browning is complete. I will post a notice when they are up and ready to go.. In the que..Pattern welded daggers along with two of my limited edition "Dark Age" pattern welded swords...along with  a few other fun things.. So please drop by and see what's new!

Thank you for your time..